Forrest Griffin: The True Ultimate Fighter

Moai Martial Arts

ALar takes a look at the career and legacy of the original ‘Ultimate Fighter’

MMA: UFC 148-Griffin vs OrtizAfter a rousing evening at the bossman’s crib watching UFC 160, I proceeded to head back to my humble abode and boot up my MacBook to check out the event’s post fight press conference. As the event stream began, Dana White began to laud the superlatives of a fighter whose retirement he was about to announce. I assumed that this fighter was Matt Serra, as the one time Welterweight champ had announced his retirement earlier in the week. Without naming the said retiree, White segued to a video package. As the camera panned, the Dropkick Murphy’s “Shipping up to Boston” blared and Forrest Griffin filled the screen. I was shocked. Saddened, even. Will I really never have the opportunity to watch this guy in the Octagon again? Griffin’s career has spanned the entire time period that…

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Notorious Nick Newell to the World Series of Fighting

#1 Sports Specialty Show


Earlier this week, we learned that the Lightweight division in the World Series of Fighting just got deeper in talent, and in publicity. On Tuesday May 30th, President of The World Series of Fighting Ray Sefo, announced that former XFC Lightweight Champion Notorious Nick Newell will enter there promotion. It has been reported that Newell has signed a multi-fight contract with the promotion. And the Jiu – Jitsu brown belt is currently on a 9 – 0 record, is working his way to the top of the rankings. World Series of Fighting President Ray Sefo recently said.

“Nick Newell is an incredible individual who exemplifies the sheer strength of the human spirit and the kind of courage and determination that martial arts embodies, so we are naturally thrilled to welcome him to the World Series of Fighting roster, and look forward to having him compete and, hopefully inspire, our…

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Zero 1 Supreme Pro Wrestling USA full episode #7

Missouri Wrestling Revival

Women’s Division: Thunderkitty vs Serenity.

Tag Team Match: Fabulous Jason V and Mississippi Madman vs Homicidal Steven Davis and The Assassin

Shank Barzini vs Josh

Plus, Harker Dirge, Oliver Cain, Doomsday with Dexter Schwartz and more.

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Definitely News: Microsoft’s Xbox One to Feature Coin Slot


Next Xbone Reveal: It will sell your secrets to your enemies.

Earlier today in a press conference being held by Microsoft, President of the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft Don Mattrick, sporting a completely bright green suit and matching bowler hat, declared that the Xbox One would be featuring a coin slot, primarily to be used for extra lives and game continues.

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Wolfenstein: The New Order Gameplay Preview & Screens

BitCoin or Big Wow! Comicfest?


bitcoinIt was hard for me to decide which convention to go to when Bitcoin the future of currency and Big Wow! Comicfest 2013 happened at the same time at the San Jose Convention Center.  The nerd in me wanted to find out more about this new form of cryptocurrency called Bitcoin (BTC) created by Satoshi Nakamoto.  But anyways, I’m probably boring people now, let’s get on with another episode of Ramen from Big Wow! Comicfest:

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MCM Expo: Sneaky Zebra Music Video