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Stop the presses… ALar finally has FuelTV!

Since up and moving to the great state of New Jersey, I have just discovered that my new cable package includes FUEL TV. Back in the confines of Connecticut, there was little hope that FUEL would be offered in my area, but score one for Jersey! Now to go along with ‘Best of Pride’ running around the clock, there is a a criminally underrated card going down from London, England *AT 3 PM EASTERN* on Saturday.

The card is loaded with up and comers across the board and it looks like Joe Silva really took his time putting this one together, every match up looks like one of those so-called ‘fun fights’ we love so to talk about. Continuing with recent practices, the UFC will be putting one of their lighter weight’s belts on the line on ‘free’ TV.  (Albeit it is…

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