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Mohsen Bahari (pictured) has withdrawn from his bout against Bruno Carvalho at Cage Warriors 52.
The unbeaten Norwegian sustained an injury in training last weekend, forcing him to pull out of the welterweight clash that was scheduled for the main card at The Forum in London on March 9.
Bahari (5-0) will be replaced by an Englishman with an identical record, with Steve Dinsdale signing up to make his Cage Warriors debut against Carvalho (14-6).
Dinsdale (5-0), who fights out of Next Generation in Liverpool, is an unbeaten welterweight who has taken four of his five professional wins by first-round stoppage.
The 27-year-old hasn’t fought since last April having been placed on standby throughout the UFC’s recent series of TUF Smashes.
“I’m really excited to be making my Cage Warriors debut, especially against a high-level opponent like Bruno Carvalho,” said Dinsdale.
“I’ve been trying to get a fight on Cage Warriors…

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I wanted to wait a week before I actually wrote anything down about the PS4. The announcement was, interesting, and the reaction even more so. Instead of there being hardline defenders of the new series and violent frothing at the mouth opponents attacking it, we were instead left with, almost a feeling of apathy.  

That’s telling in a way, but trying to figure out what it tells is slightly more difficult. Is it because the audience has moved over just to the Xbox/PC platforms and doesn’t care about what Sony is up too? Is it cause we are now all mobile all the time, with no room for a dedicated console? Or is it because the last console reveal was so long ago that most people on the internet either were two young to be paying attention to it, or grew out of the fanboi rage rants?

I think…

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Wrestling Rambles

This is my first non-WWE match review. My favorite wrestler is CM Punk, but my favorite in-ring performer is Daniel Bryan. I first started watching him when he made his WWE debut, but I didn’t become a fan until after he got fired from WWE for choking Justin

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Wrestling Roundtable #68 1/20/13 Part 2 – The Internet Wrestling Community

Ramblings From A Comic Newbie

Another series that I filled in the gaps for last Wednesday was X-Men. I think I was actually more excited for this one than Iron Man, because of the first issue. It was the start of a really compelling storyline, and one that I really wanted to know more about.

All New X-Men 2

All New X-Men #2: This was a set-up issue – there’s no doubt about that. That’s not to say it wasn’t a good set-up issue! There was very little action going on, but I felt like that was more than made-up for in little moments that were happening throughout the story. We got the young X-Men team into the future after a little bit of convincing – and there were some wonderful moments there between Hank and Jean. Hank forgetting that she couldn’t read his mind, and just having a hard time talking to her because of what he knows…

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Sequels coming in 2013


Ramblings From A Comic Newbie

So I have this weird neurosis where I do not like to start stories from the middle most of the time. Nor do I really like to read an issue without having read the issue directly before it. I don’t like not knowing what happened when I open up an issue. This usually results in piles of a given series sitting on my desk, unread, until I find the offending issue that’s preventing me from reading the rest. Iron Man sat on my desk like that for a few days. I read #1, but I could not find #2 for a while. #3, #4, and #5 were all available at my local comic store, so I went ahead and picked them up (because, knowing my luck, by the time I did find #2, some of those would be gone too!) but refused to read them. I needed #2.

Last Wednesday turned into…

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