CM Punk: Best In The World DVD Review

If you follow my writings or know a little bit about my history, you’d know that CM Punk is not a favorite of mine. About a year ago, I wrote an article entitled, “CM Punk is a F*cking Douchebag”, which talked in detail about the time I had the opportunity to work with him while I was the booker at NWA Cyberspace.

For the most part, I got a ton of heat from the fans. Mostly ass-kissers who were telling me to stop whining like a little bitch, yet those same ass-kissers have never done ANYTHING in this business to even warrant an opinion. I told it exactly the way it went down, and what my dealings with the future WWE champion was like. It’s a true story, and even though I was the employer and he was the employee, most fans marked out and took the side of their hero. Personally, I could care less. It is what it is, and at the time, it was business – something a mark wouldn’t understand.

The reason I bring that up is because I don’t want any reader of this review to think that I am somewhat (if not fully) biased towards my review of CM Punk’s new WWE DVD release, “Best In The World”. Like my previous story, I am here to tell it like it is. My job is simply to observe and report – no more, no less. I kept an open mind when watching the DVD and was professional enough not to let my own personal experiences blur the lines of my integrity. With that said, I think you’ll enjoy my review and perhaps find a few surprises along the way.

My review is a lengthy 3,500 word piece that dissects the DVD down to the core. My opinions are that of my own, and as critical as they may be, you can’t deny the brutal honesty that comes within those words. As much as I’d like to say that this review was an opportunity to go on a full scale rant on CM Punk, it simply isn’t. Surprisingly, I learned a lot through this DVD, and by its end, perhaps I gained a new-found respect.

By now, many of you fans may have seen the DVD yourself and have an opinion of your own. I encourage you to share your reviews with this community. Feel free to open the floor for debate. As you will read, I took this of reviewing CM punk’s DVD seriously – not because I needed something new to write about, but to reacquaint myself with a memory that I have disliked for many years. It was an opportunity to either bury the hatchet or push in even further. You be the judge.

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