Is Ryback Nothing But Hype?

I’ve been really critical of the WWE product for a while now, but the truth of the matter is that the WWE product has lacked ANY effort since Wrestlemania. Apparently the WWE has decided to take some analytic risks but developing new stars in preparation of the post-Cena era. The problem is, these don’t feel like stars. They feel more like talent being forced down our throats.

Vince McMahon is a major control freak. Therefore, he doesn’t want to sit back and identify with what is working and what the fans are responding to. He considers you, the (paying) viewer, his droids. He expects to tell you how YOU feel and what YOU want. Enter Ryback.

I’ve never met the the guy, but like you, I’ve seen his work. And before I break it down a bit, let’s look at a quick list of talents that were forced down our throats and immediately regurgitated into obscurity.

Alex Riley
Mason Ryan
Wade Barrett
Drew Mcintyre
Lord Tensai
…I could do this all day!

The point that I am trying to make is that if you continue to force feed the people you want to be stars, you’ll be killing off the talents who already are stars.

Ryback’s problem is that he looks and acts like the “poor man’s” Goldberg. Then again, any jacked up muscle-head that doesn’t sell for anybody is going to be compared to Goldberg. What WCW had was lightening in a bottle, and if you remember correctly, Goldberg was heavily compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Bald head, black tights, black boots, goatee,…that’s Austin. But it wasn’t. Goldberg was able to break the stereotype and earn the respect of the fans. A respect that for a unique intensity that people hadn’t seen since the debut of The Ultimate Warrior in the mid-80’s. He was a human wrecking machine who felt no pain and felt no fear. So what if Ryback is a reincarnation of Goldberg? Doesn’t this generation need one?

Something is missing…or is there? Maybe Ryback just isn’t the guy? Then again he’s main eventing in six days for the world title against CM Punk at the Hell In A Cell PPV. it will be a HUGE fuck up for WWE creative to drop the ball now with him, yet they’ve put themselves in a serious dilemma if he can’t deliver the goods.

Ryback may be limited, but he has the gimmick that creative should be able to get over. (Keyword: SHOULD). But if he fails, and creative’s record of success is an indicator that it could very well happen, are we just supposed to forget that we the fans invested so much into a guy that gave us so little?

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