Some Thoughts on a Weekend of MMA

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      While there was no big pay per view show, this past weekend still saw a lot of interesting televised mixed martial arts. A few thoughts on some of the action:
      Prior to the UFC on FX5 show Friday night, they aired a commercial advertisement which featured some cocky fighter strutting into an MMA arena and then starting his match by prancing across the ring with all these fancy jumping, spinning kicks. His opponent stands there looking bored, then floors the hotdog with one punch and pops open a soda. Perhaps upcoming heavyweight Travis Browne should have watched that commercial before his fight with veteran Antonio “Big Foot” Silva. Browne, an athletic 6’7″ 246 pounder, started the fight by immediately throwing a spinning hook kick which missed. He followed up with a jumping front kick which also missed. Somewhere in there, he seemed to hurt his leg and a…

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