Gamestop announces Nintendo Wii U pre-order trade-in specials


Let’s face it: the Wii U is a tad expensive; at its base model, you’ll be getting the console for $50 more than what the original Wii launched for. So, if you find yourself without much cash and don’t like the idea of selling off your old consoles online, Gamestop is one of the only options you can get some cash for the new system. You can view all of the trade-in values for systems for when you trade towards a Wii U console:

System Trade-In Value
Nintendo Wii $50 USD
Nintendo 3DS $90 USD
XBOX 360 (Original Model) $90 USD
PS Vita $90 USD
PS3 (Original Model) $115 USD
XBOX 360 (Slim Model) $115 USD
PS3 (Slim Model) $140 USD

The games are also up for pre-order, and come at a steep price of $59.99 for most of the games. Games include, and are not limited to, Assassin’s Creed…

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