Ray’s Way – JERRY LAWLER Update And Heart-Felt Thoughts

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WMC TV in Memphis is reporting Jerry “The King” Lawler did not suffer any brain damage as a result of his heart attack Monday during Raw.

There was a concern regarding the lack of oxygen being supplied to his brain as he was being urgently attended to by EMT’s and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Lawler still remains hospitalized in Montreal.

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Art: Happy National Video Games Day!


Now only one question remains… what will you be playing?


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The Notorious Column #93: That Moment When Wrestling Tries To Heal A Nation

Wrestling Insights

Time for another history lesson from your trusty wrestling blogger. This goes back to one of the darkest periods in American history, and how one organization made a bold call in the healing process.


Today marks eleven years to the day terrorists representing Al-Qaeda took planes to the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and what intended to be the White House before passengers abroad United Flight 93 decided to take matters into their own hands and sacrifice themselves for the greater good. To call this one of the darkest days in American history would be an understatement.


On the afternoon of September 11, 2001, the then-WWF decided to cancel that evening’s Smackdown. Cancellation of sports events and other activities were common over the next few days. The Emmys were postponed—twice (the beginning of the war in Afghanistan on October 7 was the other). Major League Baseball’s week-long delay led…

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Humor: Hiten Mitsurugi Style!!


If you would like to see more meme-based humor created in affiliation with us, visit our gallery here.

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Shotgun Wrestling Radio # 112 w/ Ring of Honor Wrestling World Television Champion Adam Cole

Missouri Wrestling Revival


Adam Cole is the special guest on Shotgun Wrestling Radio this week. Topics include training, Debut, Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Kyle O’Riley, Austin Aries, PWG, Kenny King.

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New Midwest Wrestling returns to Kincaid, Illinois on September 22nd

Missouri Wrestling Revival


Plus please support our friends at New Midwest Wrestling by going here to vote for them in this contest… A well deserved award that would really support local wrestling in that area.

Here is an excellent opportunity to help get the word out for New Midwest Wrestling. We, a local family entertainment company, have been in Springfield for almost 13 years, but have never made the Illinois Times’ Best of Springfield list. You can help change that! It only takes a few minutes, and we appreciate anything you can do to get us on the list! Get the word out, share this link, and VOTE! Any opportunity that you see to vote for New Midwest Wrestling or any of our stars, do it! We can make our love for our great entertainment property known!

Click here to vote.

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