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MOONEYHAM COLUMN: Pro wrestling legend Rip Hawk’s journey from big city lights to starry Texas nights

Missouri Wrestling Revival


To Mid-Atlantic wrestling fans in the ‘60s and ‘70s, Rip Hawk was a cocky, arrogant heel they loved to hate.

The platinum-haired Hawk even dubbed himself “The Profile,” and did all the talking for longtime partner Swede Hanson.

It didn’t come as a surprise when Hawk, 44 years old at the time, took a 25-year-old up-and-comer named Ric Flair under his wing, groomed him as his storyline nephew and helped him win his first major title in 1974.

Who knew then that the slick-talking, hard-drinking, Cadillac-driving wrestler had always wanted to be a cowboy?

But that’s exactly what Hawk is today, and has been for the past three decades.

Hawk, who turned 82 in June, has lived in the Texas Panhandle since he wound down his wrestling career in the late ‘70s. Although he lives inside the city limits of Hereford, better known as the beef capital of the world…

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