Update 7-25-2012

There’s a violent stomach bug that Lexi brought home this weekend and I’m just getting over it. I’m still weak from it even though I managed to walk to the store to get Gatorade.  I’ll be gone the rest of the week.

In the meantime


Do You Remember When…?

Wrestling Rambles

Last Monday was the 1000th episode of Raw. It definitely didn’t disappoint. So much occurred that it left us in awe and anticipating what will happen next week.  There have been so many great moments in Raw history. Whether it be Raw’s first episode, Stone Cold stunning Vince for the first time, John Cena getting drafted to Raw, Punk’s epic shoot promo, Edge and Lita’s live sex celebration, or countless others. It’s easy for any Wrestling fan to pick a moment the majority of the fans already remember and talk about it, but that’s not how we do things around here. This week I’m taking a moment that not many of you would possibly remember. It deals with Santino Marella and perhaps the greatest IC Champion of all the times.

Do you remember when Santino had the Honk-a-Meter?

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Closing Your Day: The Hero Who Took Time To Visit Aurora

Missouri Wrestling Revival Joins the Alliance!!

Missouri Wrestling Revival


Press Release from Allinance-Wrestling.com.

For the past 5 plus years Missouri Wrestling Revival has shared it’s enthusiasm of pro wrestling within the Midwest covering many of the top promotions. “With Metro Pro Wrestling and NWA Dynamo Pro promoting out of Kansas City and the greater Missouri area it only seemed fitting that we would partner with MWR who consistently covers that area better than anyone in the country,Jay Cal of Allinance-Wrestling.com.

As many of you might have already noticed that Brian Kelley, the owner and editor of MWR has began sharing MWR Posts with Alliance-Wrestling.com. But over the past weekend it became official that the Missouri Wrestling Revival and Alliance-Wrestling would partner to give the most complete coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance in the Midwest. Along with sharing news and information the two sites hope to also give more exposure to the talent…

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