Breaking News from the office of SICW: Promoter Herb Simmons signs a two year television deal with Sponsors for “Wrestling Explosion”

Missouri Wrestling Revival

Over a year ago the SICW began taping and producing their program “SICW Wrestling Explosion” on Charter Cable. Over that time the response from the fans has been outstanding. This past week Charter Cable informed Promoter Herb Simmons and the staff of SICW that due to the response of their program “Wrestling Explosion will now be carried on two cable channels, channel 8 and 89 every Sunday at noon. Promoter Herb Simmons told MWR that was great news from Charter Cable, and he went on to provide other great news for the fans. During the past few days he was also able to secure sponsorships for the Wrestling Explosion program from three major businesses. Mueller Furniture of Belleville Illinois, a family owned and operated business that has been in business for over fifty plus years has re-joined the program as a Premier sponsor. Lynn Mueller and his…

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