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Dana White has been the president of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since 2002. He was born in Manchester, Connecticut on July 28, 1969. Dana spent his childhood jumping between living in Las Vegas, Nevada and Ware, Massachusetts. Dana’s parents are divorced and Dana and his sister lived with a single mom who worked long hours and they spent most of their time alone. Dana’s father was never around, but when he did manage to show up for his kids, “you really didn’t want him around. He was usually drunk,” Dana says. One of Dana’s clearest memories of his father was when one evening when he was nine years old. His sister and he were waiting outside in the hallway of their apartment because Dana’s mother said their father was going to pick them up to spend some time with them. For the most part, their father never showed up. When he finally did one day, Dana’s father arrived obliterated on alcohol and took the both of them to the movies. “That was a fun ride.” The movie was “Beverly Hills Cop”, and his father, sister and he arrived 10 minutes late. The theater was packed, so Dana’s father started yelling, “we need to start moving some people around here!” Dana maintains that despite his mother being so absent and his father being a fall-down drunk, he knows he wouldn’t be the person he is today.

Dana wanted to be a boxer, but changed his mind and had started teaching people to box in Boston in local health clubs training people to box. Dana would bring in people from the streets, and when he wanted to start making money he and his crew started training people with money. One day someone from the mob called him up and demanded a cut of the money Dana was making. Dana was harassed by the mob to the point that they called Dana at his home and said he had tomorrow to come up with the cut of the money he made, and that he had until tomorrow to give it to them. That day Dana left for Las Vegas, where he established Dana White Enterprises in 1992. He also began managing MMA fighters Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddel.

Dana White bought Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for two million dollars. UFC was stripped down to the point that they didn’t even own At the time he bought the UFC, stood for “user friendly computers”. According to his interview in the Huffington Post, he literally bought the letters U F C and a beat up wooden octagon. Anything that could make a buck that had to do with Ultimate Fighting Championship the old owner sold. Dana had to fight to get back the trademarks and copyrights. Dana met with the Nevada and New Jersey Athletic Commission to create rules that would be accepted everywhere. Dana went to as many mainstream sponsors as he could to help get the UFC brand back on its legs. Dana also made sure that the UFC was on Pay Per View.


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