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Interview by Amber Wagner

Barely paying attention to the conversation, buried in his phone (which is usually his style), Executive Producer of New Midwest Wrestling Events, Justin Clark sat across the table from me. He’d been asked for weeks to do an interview for the site, but was hard to get one-on-one. With New Midwest Wrestling’s BLINDSIDE two months away (August 25th), he told me that he was trying to get the ball rolling as far as preparation goes. But he had a free hour and was able to grant this exclusive interview. I was shocked to see how open he was regarding New Midwest Wrestling business and the controversial air that seemed to loom.

AW: So, let’s start off with the obvious elephant in the room, the Tommy Arson situation. Arson and LPC seemed to pull a fast one on the matchmakers, most importantly you, and keep Arson’s involvement…

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More Details On Backstage Fight At Extreme Rising; Machete Pulled

The Ring Fan

As previously reported, there was an incident involving New Jack and Balls Mahoney at Saturday’s Extreme Risi … http://p.ost.im/p/eT6w7w

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