Does Anyone Remember The Hot and Sexy Dawn Marie?

How come former WWE Diva Dawn Marie never gets any mentions or throwback opportunities? Maybe it’s because of her lawsuit against the WWE for firing her while she was preggo? That would make sense. Then again, what the hell can you do with a pregnant diva? That’s a nasty fetish to get off on.

What people don’t remember is that she was one of the last real valets in the business. She had a pretty good mentality and ring psychology, and she played her role as the fifth ring post. No more, no less. But she was also smoking hot. She brought that real Italian guido girl style long before the Jersey Shore dominated reality TV. She wasn’t stylish and fantasy. She was down and dirty. you knew sex with her was gonna be nasty (the good nasty). Yeah, she had the looks, but you knew deep down inside you were gonna do things to her that you wouldn’t do to your wife knowing that she kisses your kids with that same mouth. Dawn Marie’s lesbian angle with Torrie Wilson was material that WWE staff writers deserve an Emmy award, because they took two of the hottest nymphos in pro wrestling and gave us our wild and wet fantasies. Fuck, I miss those non-PG rated days of the WWE. What I wouldn’t give to be on the writing team back then. Imagine sitting there and saying, “On this week’s episode Dawn and Torrie are going to tongue kiss in the shower”. The it happens, and you say to yourself, I can’t fucking believe I made them do that. Next week I’m booking a gang bang on TV”!…Maybe that one wouldn’t pass censors, but it she as shit was worth a shot.

Dawn Marie has been off the radar doing humanitarian work with Wrestler’s Rescue, but she’s missed in world of the wild and the wacky. Yeah, age has caught up with her and she’s happier spending time as a full time mom rather than being on the road doing magic tricks making your pants rise. But even Sunny and her best friend Sable came back for an encore performance. So is it asking to much to get a last ride out of Dawn Marie?


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