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Chris Cole & Kyle Frederick discuss big wieners, how to defeat a bobcat, guns, Street League, the Philadelphia Flyers, Danny Briere, kayaking accidents, Jaeger-filled Super Soakers, colorblindness and much, much more!


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Skateboarding and tattoos go in hand. Since the earliest days of skateboarding, the subculture there are pictures and videos of skateboarders covered in ink. Local skater, Rob Ridge, explains his “Skate and Destroy” tattoo as a “staple” in skateboarding. “Craig Stecyk originally did the print for it and he used to be a photographer photographer when Transworld came out in the late 70’s. It became Thrasher magazine’s logo and Thrasher is THE magazine.”
Typically, skaters get graphics that remind them of time in which they first got into it. As a subculture that started in Long Beach in the early 70’s that leaves 40 years of kids picking up a board for the first time. “I’m sure there are plenty of kids who are coming up now who have seen the Emerica video that just came out, the Lekai video. Those are big big videos,and I think…

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As Rae mentioned in her previous post we have split the “Best Wrestler” award into male and female categories. Not because we feel that female wrestlers are in any way inferior to male wrestlers, but due to the way they are portrayed. For the most part, they are very different entities. It would be lovely to think that this won’t be the case by the time next year’s awards come around, but I’m not that hopeful. In my “Best Match” award I explained how the idea of “gender free” wrestling is becoming more prevalent on the independent scene, but in the world that WWE occupy, it’s not going to change much soon I’m afraid.

With that said, on with the show and our final look back at 2011…

If you’ve read any of the previous awards this year, or for that matter, anything else we write on the blog or…

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