Moai Martial Arts

By ALar

Tonight, the cage door will close and Jon Jones will finally fight Rashad Evans for the Light Heavyweight title. This fight has been nearly two years in the making and fueled by drama surrounding Evans’ sudden departure from Greg Jackson’s camp. I will be brief with my commentary on the Soap Opera surrounding these two; Jackson picked Jones as his horse in the Light Heavyweight division and left Evans hanging out to dry. To me, Jackson contradicted his whole philosophy that his team is a “family” and that his fighters will never have to fight each other. (Dana White reiterates my point a little more colorfully here)  Rashad is now training with the “Blackzilians” in Florida and seems to be in a positive place in his career. After watching the weigh ins last night, these two are

ready to BRAWL. Jones walked to the scale with a…

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