In The Pit With Piper

I’ve had the chance to work with WWE Hall of Famer and pro wrestling iconic legend Rowdy Roddy PIper on numerous occasions. As much as I like Roddy as a person, he’s not that far off from who portrays in the gimmick. Basically, he’s pretty fucked up!

Working with Roddy brings you an instant rush and when the camera is rolling, Hot Rod is in a comfort zone like no other. Ironically, he’s more “normal” in front of the camera than he is when he’s off it. Back in 2003, I was doing some independent work with Roddy and thought a few friends might like to meet him. At the time, Roddy traveled with an assistant, who did every thing from dial his cell phone to cut and butter his bagels. It kinda took the heroic perception out of the meeting experience for my friends. Now I don’t know if this was personally a rough time Roddy was going through, not to mention that the following day, I was sitting with him when he got called by Vince McMahon and told that he was fired from the WWE for some comments he made on HBO’s Real Sports regarding the recent and excessive deaths in the business.

Maybe I was with Roddy during a down time – so I try not to judge or keep that image of him in memory. But I keep going back to fire in his eyes and the passion he exuded when I would yell “ACTION” during the video shoots. Deep down that broken down body, he still had it.

Almost a decade later, Hot Rod still makes the occasional cameo for the old school fans. But recently, it appears that some television producers found a new way to exploit the psychotic nature of the rowdy one. In an era where television is plagued by the consumption of mindless reality shows and air head bimbos like the Kardashians are building empires – why the fuck can’t Roddy Piper make some coin showing people how looney he is?

Wouldn’t that be great? Tune in on Sunday night’s and watch this old man go banana flavored ape shit on a bunch of young ass-heads. Well, if you’re Canadian, then your praywers have been answered. A pilot episode of World of Hurt has been ordered up and Roddy Piper is definitely in a rare form. I wish I knew exactly what this show is about – but from the looks of it, it looks like Roddy is just abusing the shit out of some wrestling marks. Good enough for me! I bet the American producers are kicking themselves in the ass because they didn’t score this gem and decided to go with a another season of Ice Loves Coco!


Sheamus Wins Rumble, BUt Leaves Door Open For Jericho/Punk

I didn’t catch the Rumble this year. Didn’t feel like putting money in the pocket of the McMahon family if I could get all the info I needed on the internet and on the following edition of RAW.

Now there had been talk of a big swerve going into the event. Initially, I thought there might be dual winners like they did back in 1994 with Bret Hart and Lex Luger. Then I thought the swerve would come in the championship match between Punk and Ziggler. Maybe Laurenitis would screw Punk over and force Punk to participate in the Rumble to get a rematch at Wrestlemania? There needed to be something strong, unique and cause an impact – but did we get it? Hard for me to judge considering that I didn’t watch the event live. But now I’m rather curious because the final result leaves us somewhat miffed considering that there is no creative backing to support any interest leading into Wrestlemania.

For weeks we were teased about the return of Jericho. Fans knew who the cryptic messages were meant for and they wanted it. Fans knew that Jericho was being prepped for Punk to co-headline Mania, and they welcomed it. After all, Jericho is a seasoned veteran, an electrifying entertainer, and one of the few talents who can go toe to toe with the leader of the new generation. It’s a paring of main event caliber talents for a match worth paying for.

So upon his return, Jericho has yet to utter a word to the WWE Universe. As stupid and annoying as the gimmick has been, we all expected Jericho to break his silence the day after on RAW to announce his earned challenge to the WWE champion at Wrestlemania. But with Sheamus winning the Rumble, what will Jericho have to say now?

I don’t mind Sheamus winning the Rumble…if there was something in the creative cards for him. He’s one of the top stars who has been underutilized in the last year. But as we get closer to April 1st, how can Sheamus be built up as a qualified opponent for the Wrestlemania main event? It just doesn’t work…because it’s forced.

Now here’s where the catch 22 comes into play… The point of the Royal Rumble is that ANYONE can win and go off to headline Wrestlemania. So in theory, I love what they did by giving Sheamus the victory. But if the build up for Jericho was so important, and the match between Punk and Y2J was designed to give the card some much needed strength – then why change it now? Especially with a guy who has the tools but who has been creatively absent and lost in a shuffle of meaningless feuds throughout the year. As good as Sheamus is and as much as I think he’s one of the WWE’s top guys – do you really think he has enough stock value to warrant fans to pay for the biggest show of the year? Does he have the appeal? Does he have the drawing power? And can he hold a solid match with Punk?

Then again, who is to say that Sheamus is going to challenge Punk? Maybe this was a way to make the Smackdown title more valuable. Perhaps Jericho will face CM Punk and Sheamus ends up challenging Daniel Bryan? Does that work better for all parties? I think so… I guess we’ll find out tonight!

How Long Before Brock Returns To WWE?

It’s been a few weeks since former UFC champion Brock Lesnar announced his retirement from the octagon, and wrestling fans around the world have been eager to hear news about his return to the WWE. But is a return to the fictitious and animated world of pro wrestling even in the cards?

There have been hints leading to a return to the WWE since last year, when Lesnar had a public confrontation with the Undertaker at a UFC event which caused quite a media buzz. There was even some speculation that Lesnar would be Taker’s Wrestlemania 28 opponent, but that honor fell in the hands of Triple H instead. Then word leaked of a contract between Lesnar and the WWE, where his character would be used on some promotional items including the most recent WWE video game where Lesnar would be featured as a playable character. It’s been a while since Lesnar competed in a WWE ring so the concept of dream matches on a gaming console got fans all riled up. Yet the reality of these matches actually happening might just be right around the corner.

Lesnar is still under contract with the UFC, and president Dana White intends on having Brock fulfill his contractual commitment and term. Even though Lesnar is retired from active competition, he can still be used as an analyst, commentator, trainer, spokesperson, etc. And in the competitive world of full contact sports, White is not ready to let his cash cow go back to what is still considered competition.

While the rigorous year-round travel schedule isn’t much of a selling point to convince Brock to return to pro wrestling, I’m sure the money is! You have to speculate what the prospect of having him return would to for WWE business, but you also have to factor how Brock would fit into this new PG product. Sure this bad ass left the pre-determined world of pro wrestling for the barbaric cage wars – but you can’t expect his realistic animal instincts and ruthless aggression to retire as well. Can Brock hang with the new school of competition? Would he be difficult to work with in terms of putting over his opponents because he’s sensitive about how strong his character is portrayed?

I guess when it comes to fantasy booking Brock Lesnar in pro wrestling, the first opponent that comes to mind is The Undertaker. Sure, there’s legit heat there – but both guys have stated that they’d be willing to participate in a shoot fight with each other. That match would make big money for the WWE and even bigger money if it was hosted at Wrestlemania. But would Vince serve up the Taker for that opportunity? Might not make a difference since he only works one day a year anyway. Then again, does the Taker want to risk the legacy of his Mania streak in a shoot fight? On the flip side of the coin, if he were to lose and end the streak – what better way to end it than in a real fight? If you’re that badass, put your money where your mouth is and let the fighting do the talking.

The one thing nobody has on their side is time. Undertaker is a match or two away from retirement. Vince isn’t as hands-on as he use to be and the sand in his time glass almost empty. As for Brock, his health was an issue during his UFC career – so how much of a factor will it take on a pro wrestling return. And last but not least, how much time does the prospect of a return have before the fans lose interest and the value of a return begins to lose stock?

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“Big Sexy” Kevin Nash Calls It Quits?

It’s no secret that the McMahon’s didn’t have much faith or confidence in the abilities and drawing power of CM Punk. Yet, given how much Punk’s unscripted promo set the wrestling industry on fire, the WWE knew that there was profitability in having this rebel soldier on the roster. But would e become an icon like Stone Cold Steve Austin, or a loose cannon liability like Brian Pillman?

Enter Kevin Nash – a strong business-minded veteran and a legendary game changing founding father of the n.W.o. Who better to serve as a guiding light for Punk’s future? And just to secure the bet, why not recycle the concept of the n.W.o. faction led by Punk while being mentored by Nash?

I’m not saying Kevin Nash has nothing left to contribute to the business and that a program between him and punk wouldn’t have been worth the while if not just for the promos alone. But do you think Punk would be where he is at this very moment had they stalled the momentum with Kevin Nash?

After Nash’s ladder match with Triple H at whatever the fuck PPV they performed on, Nash went on Twitter and told his fans that he’s glad he was able to end his career int he ring with once of his best friends. So did that mean he was calling it a career?

All the hype surrounding the return of Kevin Nash ended pretty abruptly. So many storylines hinged on Nash’s character’s motives, yet none of the burning questions were ever answered. And with all roads leading to CM Punk – the final destination was a thrown together match with Triple H – whose been MIA as well. Do we chalk this up to piss poor booking? Or can we finally shift the blame to the infamous McMahon micro-managing where scripts are written 337 times a day before the live show airs?

Either way, Nash deserved a better send off. The business wouldn’t be where it is today had it not been for his defection to WCW in 1995. Today, he was used for a brief moment, but fizzled quickly because of the lack of fanfare. We can only hope that his contributions to the business will be celebrated with a nod to the WWE Hall of Fame. His time is due and his moment should be a more fitting farewell for a guy who wasn’t supposed to amount to much in the business but proved his critics wrong. Come to think of it, in retrospect – CM Punk is much like Kevin Nash, and perhaps his short verbal program was the inspiration Punk needed to be where he is now. However you look at it, it’s been a hell of a career for Kevin Nash.

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Mortal Kombat fatalities that didn’t make the cut

Old School Mortal Kombat Fatalities


As bloody as they are, these video games bring a lot of nostalgia for me.

Darksiders II – Death Rises Trailer

From wiki:

Darksiders, originally known with the subtitle Wrath of War, is an action adventure video game developed by Vigil Games and published by THQ. The game takes its inspiration from the apocalypse, with the player taking the role of War. The game was released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on January 5, 2010 in North America and January 8 in Europe. The PC and OnLive versions were released on September 23, 2010 for North America and the PC version on September 24 for Europe. A parallel sequel is currently under development and expected to be released in 2012.