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Briscoes go hunting for the Young Bucks

SPRY Wrestling

Sneak Peek @ Setting the Pace & Crossroads from SPRY WRESTLING on Vimeo.


The Ultimate Warrior is Possessed by Gary Busey

I have no idea what to make of this. I didn’t even know that The Ultimate Warrior was doing some kind of show on the internet. I’ve seen all his previous videos where he’s dropping a deuce on Hogan…(“Terrrrrrry!!!…. Tell ’em about all the cocaine and wild parties Terry!!!… Tell the people about how to pimp Linda out to me Terrrrrry!!! – hysterical!), but in this new series – I think the Warrior is trying to use his past success to motivate the not-so-motivated youth.

To be honest, I have no fucking clue what this show is about. All I know is that it features the Warrior going banana flavored ape shit on a bunch of young boys trying to get them all jacked up about boydbuilding…(that summary is of course an educated guess). I’m surprised he didn’t break out a box of steroids and tell the boys, “What the fuck is wrong with you? Stab you arm with this needle! I wrestled 783 days a year, 37 days a week…and it was this Warrior juice that got me ripped and pumped up each and every night! And after every match, I’d go back to my room and snort an 8-ball of coke all by myself… By myself you little motherfuckers!!! Nobody could ever comprehend the intensity of the Ultimate Warri-ahhhhhhhh!!!”

I swear – the first time I watched this video I thought it was Gary Fucking Busey! Get ready to piss your pants!

RAW Deal – 11.21.11

*As much as I don’t like CM Punk as a person, he’s proved me wrong as a worker and deserves to be the WWE champion. I wonder how much Vince fined his new champion for referring to himself as a pro wrestler instead of a sports entertainer.

*Punk says he wants bring change…How about changing the bling bling title for something more respectable that a champion should be wearing.

*Wasn’t movie star Jonah Hill scheduled to be the guest host of RAW last night? What the hell happened? Believe me when I say, NOBODY was tuning in because Jonah Hill was hosting. Movie stars are NOT a draw on a wrestling show. Wrestling IS the draw!

*Can anybody explain to me what point was to put Zack Ryder in a squash match against Alberto Del Rio? Rather than give the kid a push, they have him doing job matches. How is that ever going to help him progress to stardom? Let alone, a superstar where the WWE can continue to profit from his likeness and gimmick?

*Nash’s returning character is more of a bitter old man who can’t let go of the past. His promos are geared more to fans of my generation whose ears raise when they hear mentions of the golden days of the business . The more this feud between Triple H and Kevin Nash drags out, the more it’ll feel like two old guys who can’t come to terms with their age and refuse to let go of their past. In other words, they’ll sound like Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan.

*I gained a whole new respect for Cody Rhodes when he re-introduced the classic Intercontinental title design, and I am very impressed with the concept of a program with Booker T. This programs will help properly establish Cody by working with a veteran rather than someone at his own experience level. This little feud is exactly what EVERY young talent on the roster needs. Hats off to Cody Rhodes …now does anybody know what the hell ever happened to Ted Dibiasie Jr.?

*Punk’s match with Dolph Ziggler was nothing short of INCREDIBLE! As much as I loved the match, I couldn’t believe that the WWE was giving an exhibition of this caliber away for FREE! On the flip side of the coin, I’m kind of glad they did because I REFUSE to pay $59.95 for a WWE PPV. As I have been saying for weeks – Dolph Ziggler is one of the top 5 talents WWE has on their roster and in due time, he will easily be the face of the company. I believe in the prophecy. Even though he lost the match, it made him an absolute star! There is no denying his talent and ability. And this takes NOTHING away from CM Punk. As champion, he proved to be the ring general last night and for the first time in a long time – I saw an extremely bright future for the WWE!

*Here is something that legitimately bothers me – why doesn’t WWE stick to the brand extension? As much as I absolutely HATE the RAW/Smackdown brand split, if you;re going to do something then you should stick with it. Now it’s not so much the concept of supershows and cross promotions between the brands. It’s the fact of having two heavyweight championships on one show. What’s the point? If I had the booking pencil in the WWE, I’d have BOTH champions in the Royal Rumble – and would have one of them actually win it. The following night on RAW, that champion would challenge the OTHER champion to a match at Wrestlemania to declare an undisputed world heavyweight champion. But having both of them on one show is beyond moronic – because the “visiting” champion will always look weaker when they don’t have home brand advantage.

*WWE needs to do some more work with Wade Barrett. He has the tools to be a star (eventually) but he’s missing some key parts. One thing is his finisher. Here is a guy who is being promoted as tough as nails, yet his finisher is a front Samoan drop. He does more damage throughout the match than he does with the weak finisher. Why isn’t talent kicking out of it? Considering that Brock Lesnar won’t be making a comeback, perhaps Barrett should adopt a variation of the F5? He has the height and strength to pull it off and make it more effective.

*And then we get to the finale…The Miz turns on R-Truth. What a HUGE mistake! Miz and Truth were genuine heat seekers. So why split them apart? Especially so soon? This split was a huge mistake not just on a creative level, but on a level of establishing and retaining value for your stars.

Matt Hardy Update

Matt Hardy got kicked out of a WWE-sponsored rehab and got arrested for the upteenth time for DUI.

Ok, let’s say this one more again.

Nobody. likes. a. drunkard! Least of all a drunkard who chugs mouth wash to get drunk! (lots of homeless people do that). Update 11/22/11: apparently Hardy got kicked out of rehab because he showed up drunk. *facepalm*

Matt, I say this with love, and maybe it’ll piss you off but I don’t care: you have turned into yet another dime a dozen alcoholic hillbilly. At this moment, you are just plain white trash. You’re setting a horrible example for the younger fans you have, and yes, you never asked to be a role model. I never asked to have an Autistic daughter, I never asked to have a sub-par baby daddy, but does that mean I’m going to pull a Beniot? Hell fucking no!

Pull yourself up by the goddamn bootstraps, get out of your co-dependent relationship with Reby (girl, the only person who can change Matt is Matt. Get that through your head.), stop it with the fake suicide attempts/threats, and get your shit together. You’re a grown man: act like it. If you don’t, then you’re on the fast track to the “gone too soon” wrestler club.

UFC 138: Pre-Fight Press Conference