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The Future of TNA

I really want to back TNA up as the only mainstream competition to WWE Raw/Smackdown, but why are they making it so damn DIFFICULT??? Why can’t they just get rid of Bishoff and Hogan??? They make me want to stick a fork in my brain and swirl it around. Everyone in the industry knows the true Hogan: I have heard some stories in my day. You can’t tell me that as many people I have heard talk negatively about Hogan and he’s the only one who really stands up for himself. Once you get over the whole “yeah Hogan’s a legend blah blah blah” shoptalk, there remains one greedy bastard, you have to admit.

Morrison’s Career Headed To The Sewers…With The Rats?

How are you feeling about the news that WWE will more than likely NOT re-sign John Morrison to a new deal when his contract expires in a few weeks —- probably because his RAT girlfriend doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut unless it has Batista’s genitals in it???

John Morrison has great athletic ability. He also has a great look. But in the singles rankings, he can’t hold his own – and it’s more than just his lack of mic work. Somebody called him a “spot monkey” and that was dead on!!! But you have to point the finger at the agents who should be working with him to develop his persona and take it to the next level.

Morrison has the tools to be a main eventer (granted his mic skills need to be MUCH better) but his biggest problem is that he’s one dimensional. I don’t feel the emotion in his matches. I don’t believe what he’s selling. This is something that can be easily fixed with effort from the agents. Otherwise, he’ll end up in TNA like he’s on the island of lost socks. TNA has NO CLUE what to do with him. WWE does – they just WON’T. It’s not because they don’t respect him as an athlete…they don’t respect him a a man.

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Video: Hulk Hogan Shoot Interview – Heat with Bret & Austin

Here’s a recent interview with Hulk Hogan, conducted by Peter Rosenberg from New York’s Hot 97 morning show. Hogan talks about his heat with Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Interesting to hear Hogan talk candid about is relationships with them – but something don’t seem right here and I’m pretty sure he’s full of shit! Hogan ALWAYS plays the victim in public interviews and says he’s willing to do business with anybody – which is total bullshit. I think the best line of shit in this interview is how he claims that he spent his entire WCW putting people over. Wake up and smell the shit you’re shoveling you pompous prick!

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Some of my fav DX moments

I can’t help but post a few: I watched DX get back together all through my pregnancy and it was a good distraction from Mini Me constantly karate chopping me in the spleen.



I came across this site while watching one of the many wacky Youtube videos of Jenna Marbles (http://www.youtube.com/user/JennaMarbles?feature=chclk)