Interview with Bellisima from Chubby Hubby Undies at NY Comic Con

So, I’m at the NY Comic Con (in case you’re still in the dark after all the videos I’ve been posting), and I run into this lady named Bellisima – who looks like she was Hooter Chicken Wong Girl of the Year in 1962. This woman had a gi-normous rack. If anyone in Hollywood has ever thought of remaking the TV show Twin peaks, you might want to start by talking to her.

Anyway, I go over to see what she’s whistling about, and she basically wants to know what I was there filming. Before I answer, I quickly flip the question back to her after taking a quick glance at her booth and say, “Nevermind what I’m filming, what the hell are you selling?”

Now before the big reveal, let me remind you that I’m at the friggin’ New York Comic Con. Yep, the yearly big sha-bang at the Javits Center that tens of thousands of comic geeks flock to because to them, it’s simply the greatest show on earth. So, what is she peddling from her booth???….Wait for it….Wait for it…UNDERWEAR!!!

Let me give you a moment to let that one sink in….Still scratching your head? Me too! They weren’t sexy underwear. They weren’t ladies underwear. They weren’t even underwear she had just worn. They were boxer brief for plus sized peeps!

As ridiculous as this may sound, I just had to know more about it. Maybe there were stain proof undies. Maybe these were bullet proof undies, after all, we are in the universe of comic fans. I thought there might be some type of gimmick involved, but there wasn’t. She was just peddling undies.

Take a look at the video and decide for yourself. Should this booth have been allowed to vend that the NY Comic Con? Was it worth the film? Should she have busted out the funbags for my troubles? You be the judge!

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Interview with Captain Action & Lady Action at NY Comic Con

Interview with Joe Ahearn, the man behind the comeback and repackaging of nostalgic superhero Captain Action. Joe discusses his fascination with the Captain Action character and how he is bringing the icon back 50 years after his debut for a new generation. Joining Joe is the lovely and talented actress Niki Rubin who portrays the new Lady Action character.

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Interview with Digital Pimp at NY Comic Con

Interview with Digital Pimp Online creators Phil Chan and Joe Dunn at the NY Comic Con, as they discuss their passion for the business, how they got started, and explain what a digital pimp is….!!!

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Interview with Curls Studio at NY Comic Con

Interview with Curls Studio founders, writers, artists and publishers Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo as they discuss they’re unique titles and characters, inspirations, artistic philosophies and….wrestling promo???

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Interview with Artist, Susan Heidi, at NY Comic Con

Interview with famed pin up artist Susan Heidi at the NY Comic Con in Oct. 2010. Susan discusses why she chose pin up models as her professional focus, what inspires her art and elegance of exuding sensuality and a flirtatious appeal through her art.

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