Interview With: The Monster Mack Show

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing  The Monster Mack Show ( I want to thank them for taking the time out to answer my questions.  Anyone who’s received my “ten questions”: I like to be thorough with my interviews, so answer what you like!

Katie: What is the story behind your site/gimmick?

Monster Mack: The story behind my gimmick is I was inspired by the French characters in Monty Python and The Holy Grail, being a French man myself who also loves taunting people, I used the premise and created my own persona as Monster Mack. Within my first year of wrestling my friend HW,, made me a website,, to promote upcoming shows, air episodes and to try and sell merch.

Trainee #1: I originally met Mack at a wrestling show as a fan, I thought he was hilarious and ended up buying a T-Shirt. and as soon as I started wrestling Monster Mack took me under his wing and one thing led to another and bam, Trainee #1!

Katie: How long has it been around?

I started wrestling in 2001 and originally it was but we ended up buying in 04′ and then in 05′

Where did the founders grow up? Go to high school?

Monster Mack: I grew up in Normandy France, but I now live in Massachusetts and I was home schooled due to the local schools not letting me attend because of Mask restrictions.

Trainee #1: South East Mass, Fall River to be exact and I attended the very lovely Durfee High School.

Katie: What were you like as kids? Were you always into wrestling?

Monster Mack: As a young Hulkamaniac I’ve always loved wrestling and even attended a lot of local indy shows.What was I like as a kid? Quiet, shy and … fat. I’m jacked now as an adult though, just to let all you ladies out there know.

Trainee #1: I’ve always been into wrestling, I collected old wrestling videos from all around the world and magazines, read as many books and watched as many documentary’s as I could find, my family used to tell me I was obsessed all the time and that I would grow out of the phase, they are still waiting for me to grow out of it.

How did you meet?

We met at a small Indy show in about 2001, Trainee #1 was in the crowd as a fan and we became friends. As soon as Trainee started to get into wrestling Monster Mack noticed a lot of potential in him. Monster Mack eventually asked Trainee if he could take him under his wing and show him the ways of the sexy Frenchman. The Monster Mack Training School was born where he became the first Trainee to be followed by many more.

Katie: What sports are you into besides wrestling?

Monster Mack: Other then wrestling I’d say MMA is my favorite sport to watch. Any kind of competition involving wet t-shirts or some oil I’m very interested in.

Trainee #1: I don’t really watch too many sports, I watch the Super Bowl and any time Brock Lesnar or Kimbo Slice are on a UFC ppv but that’s pretty much it, I like playing Madden if that counts.

Katie: If you weren’t wrestling, what would you be doing instead?

Trainee #1:
If it wasn’t for wrestling we wouldn’t know each other and wouldn’t be doing the show, so I’d probably be some sort of stunt man it always peaked my interest growing up, either that or some sort of event promoter.

Monster Mack
: If it wasn’t for the show and wrestling I’d probably still be stuck in Normandy, with a minimum wage job grape mashing, lawn mowing and probably be heavily addicted to crystal meth.