ROH Big Bang – Briscoes vs. Kings of Wrestling


AAW Wrestling – 3/26/10 Post Show Interviews

“Earmuffs!” “Women suck!”


Screw you, guys! 🙂

I actually am an extremely good cook (many specialties, BBQ ribs being one of them) and just for that I am NEVER cooking for AAW! I’m a good baker too! How do you like that, smart guys??!!! No free catering or desserts for AAW, oh no! Cry all you want over it: you made your bed, now lie in it!!!!

(P.S. Those bald guys are hot)

ROH Wrestlemania Weekend in Phoenix – Intermission Dance off

Reaction to Vickie Guerrero Wrestlemania 26 frog splash

I don’t care to see her clothed; what to y’all think about me seeing her de-pantsed????

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Omoplata: Attack from Z mount with Vinny Magalhaes + more