SWE Spotlight: In Profile – SLTD Wrestling meets “Mr News”


Originally posted on Single Leg TakeDown:

The SWE Spotlight continues this week with someone that “All Night” Ian Ambrose mentioned in his interview last week, “Mr News”. When you have a wrestler called “Mr News”, just the name alone creates mystery and intrigue. Luckily enough, he lives not too far from me, so I was able to catch up with the mystery man this past week and talk to him about his career, his ambitions and the work he does for SWE behind-the-scenes, but for those of you who might not be familar with him, here’s a bit of background!

“Mr News” is a news editor (shockingly!) at a local radio station in the North-East of Scotland and his career in the SWE started when the promoter came in looking to get some exposure for one of the SWE’s “Hell for Lycra” shows. The breakfast radio DJ thought it would be a good idea to get…

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