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Fight News Now : MMA Edition – Sept. 26

3XWrestling TV Episode 29 9/15/11 – Huge show tonight Perry Saturn vs Mark Sterling!

Missouri Wrestling Revival


The all stars of Midwest pro wrestling are featured on this weekly Iowa-based television show. This episode of 3XWrestling TV features arch rivals Darin Corbin and “The Rockstar” Jimmy Rockwell battling one-on-one for the first time! Also features an update on the Corbin vs. Rockwell rivalry with thoughts from Corbin, an interview with 3XW Heavyweight champion “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt, and footage from the shocking King of Des Moines tournament finals.

To see the full events, visit http://www.3XWrestling.com to order the 7th Anniversary Event DVD. 3XW TV can be seen weekly on CW affiliates in Iowa – 6 p.m. Saturday on KWKB Ch 20 in eastern Iowa and 1 a.m. Monday on KCWI ch 23/ch 9 (Mediacom) in central Iowa. More information at http://www.3XWrestling.com

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How to Achieve Mushin

Moai Martial Arts

Here’s a post about how to achieve “no mind” courtesy of one of our sister sites, Good Circuits.  Yeah, I wrote it, and I’m reblogging it, but I think the idea of practicing mushin is important in all pursuits–not just martial arts.  Take a look at it and let us know if you have any exercises you perform to help your training reach a more meditative state. – Bill

How to Achieve Mushin.

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First Official Image Of Hugh Jackman In “The Wolverine” Released

Games of the Week: Adventure Waits For No Panda

SLA Poll: Who will walk out of Granite City, Illinois at the SLA Gold tournament Champion?

Missouri Wrestling Revival


Saint Louis Anarchy championship match: Dan Walsh © vs. Darin Corbin

First Round Match: Arik Cannon vs. Evan Gelistico

First Round Match: Shane Hollister vs. ACH

First Round Match: Bolt Brady vs. Davey Richards

First Round Match: Christian Rose vs. Kyle O’ Reilly

First Round Match: Jeremy Wyatt vs. Billy McNeil

First Round Match: Gerald James vs. Rachel Summerlyn

ACW Net Exclusive Title: Davey Vega © vs. Jo Jo Bravo

Tag Team Action: MoJo Bravado vs. Darin Childs/Khris Wolfe vs. The Hooligans vs. Jordan Lacey and a mystery partner

NOTE: Part of the Gold Edition funds will go to the Granite City YMCA

Saint Louis Anarchy the Gold Edition

Saturday night September 29th

From The Rivers Edge Complex in Granite City IL (451 Niedringhaus)

Granite City, IL NOTE: That is the address for the YMCA it is right across the street from the Rivers Edge and is best address to…

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Coming Soon: SLTD Radio Prediction League

Single Leg TakeDown

As you’ll all know by now, since Summerslam, the SLTD Radio team (Brad, George, Greg and Mark) have been posting their predictions in a column on the weekend of a WWE/TNA PPV, so we’ve decided to keep track of their predictions in a league format.

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Nintendo confirms Wii U region lock


The Wii U is getting the classic region lock treatment, so, as the tradition goes, you won’t be able to import your most wanted foreign games and play them on an un-hacked Wii U console. This has been a long standing tradition that began with the NES, and moved on through the SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, and the 3DS line of systems, leaving the Game Boy (and technically, the Virtual Boy), as the only console line Nintendo had that wasn’t region locked.

If you’re not a fan of region lock, however, it seems as if Microsoft and Sony would be approaching the topic in a different way, as they would allow publishers to decide whether or not to region lock their games on either console, making for a semi-region-free console.


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#UFC 152: Highlights

CHIKARA Podcast-A-Go-Go 335

ROH Wrestling TV Ep – 50 (Air Date 9/1/12) #WatchROH

Gamestop announces Nintendo Wii U pre-order trade-in specials


Let’s face it: the Wii U is a tad expensive; at its base model, you’ll be getting the console for $50 more than what the original Wii launched for. So, if you find yourself without much cash and don’t like the idea of selling off your old consoles online, Gamestop is one of the only options you can get some cash for the new system. You can view all of the trade-in values for systems for when you trade towards a Wii U console:

System Trade-In Value
Nintendo Wii $50 USD
Nintendo 3DS $90 USD
XBOX 360 (Original Model) $90 USD
PS Vita $90 USD
PS3 (Original Model) $115 USD
XBOX 360 (Slim Model) $115 USD
PS3 (Slim Model) $140 USD

The games are also up for pre-order, and come at a steep price of $59.99 for most of the games. Games include, and are not limited to, Assassin’s Creed…

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Nintendo Wii U (Nintendo TVii Trailer)

TitusTV Ep 9 (Looking at ROH DBDX & The Briscoes)

Missouri Wrestling Revival

On Episode 9 of TitusTv Rhett Titus looks back at Caged Hostility with The Briscoe Brothers as well as his upcoming match VS them at Ring Of Honor Death Before Dishonor 10! Join Rhett as he talks that talk with CZW Star Devon Moore! Also highlights of The NWS Chris Candido Memorial J Cup set to the music of Cody. B Ware! Plus Addicted2Love gets a video from a VERY unexpected guest!! Plus much more.

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Ray’s Way – JERRY LAWLER Update And Heart-Felt Thoughts

Wrestling Rambles


WMC TV in Memphis is reporting Jerry “The King” Lawler did not suffer any brain damage as a result of his heart attack Monday during Raw.

There was a concern regarding the lack of oxygen being supplied to his brain as he was being urgently attended to by EMT’s and rushed to a nearby hospital.

Lawler still remains hospitalized in Montreal.

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Art: Happy National Video Games Day!


Now only one question remains… what will you be playing?


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The Notorious Column #93: That Moment When Wrestling Tries To Heal A Nation

Wrestling Insights

Time for another history lesson from your trusty wrestling blogger. This goes back to one of the darkest periods in American history, and how one organization made a bold call in the healing process.


Today marks eleven years to the day terrorists representing Al-Qaeda took planes to the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and what intended to be the White House before passengers abroad United Flight 93 decided to take matters into their own hands and sacrifice themselves for the greater good. To call this one of the darkest days in American history would be an understatement.


On the afternoon of September 11, 2001, the then-WWF decided to cancel that evening’s Smackdown. Cancellation of sports events and other activities were common over the next few days. The Emmys were postponed—twice (the beginning of the war in Afghanistan on October 7 was the other). Major League Baseball’s week-long delay led…

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Humor: Hiten Mitsurugi Style!!


If you would like to see more meme-based humor created in affiliation with us, visit our gallery here.

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Shotgun Wrestling Radio # 112 w/ Ring of Honor Wrestling World Television Champion Adam Cole

Missouri Wrestling Revival


Adam Cole is the special guest on Shotgun Wrestling Radio this week. Topics include training, Debut, Combat Zone Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Kyle O’Riley, Austin Aries, PWG, Kenny King.

Click here to listen

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New Midwest Wrestling returns to Kincaid, Illinois on September 22nd

Missouri Wrestling Revival


Plus please support our friends at New Midwest Wrestling by going here to vote for them in this contest… A well deserved award that would really support local wrestling in that area.

Here is an excellent opportunity to help get the word out for New Midwest Wrestling. We, a local family entertainment company, have been in Springfield for almost 13 years, but have never made the Illinois Times’ Best of Springfield list. You can help change that! It only takes a few minutes, and we appreciate anything you can do to get us on the list! Get the word out, share this link, and VOTE! Any opportunity that you see to vote for New Midwest Wrestling or any of our stars, do it! We can make our love for our great entertainment property known!

Click here to vote.

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AAPW Collision Episode 22

Missouri Wrestling Revival

On this week’s episode of “Collision,” Edmund “Livewire” McGuire responds to the controversial finish of his final heavyweight title shot. Women’s wrestling returns as The Great Cheyenne faces the returning Rebecca Raze. And in the main event, the semi-finals of the No Limits Tournament come to a close, as Team XXX partners Jay Spade and Joey O’Riley square off in the ring.


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Looking back to the EVOLVE 17/CZW “Down With the Sickness” Doubleheader!


Saturday, September 8th 2012 was a landmark day for independent wrestling as EVOLVE returned to the Philadelphia Metro area, and CZW followed up a very good “Tangled Web V” with their annual “Down With the Sickness”.

EVOLVE 17 opened up the doubleheader to an excited crowd.

Open The Freedom Gate match: Johnny Gargano defeats Jon Davis via count out.

Lince Dorado defeats Jigsaw.

Christina Von Eerie defeats Marti Belle.

Sami Callihan and Pinky Sanchez defeat The Scene:

Caleb Konley & Scott Reed by submission.

Masada defeats Sami Callihan via submission.

Rich Swann and The Super Smash Bros defeat Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak, and Orange Cassidy.

Ricochet defeats AR Fox

Main Event: El Generico def Samuray Del Sol after a  brainbuster onto the top turnbuckle.

What a great show! What I like about a show like EVOLVE is it was entirely about the wrestling. There was little to no…

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Opening Your Day: Paper Mario