The Notorious Column #74: Ten Things I Think About RAW 1000

Wrestling Insights

In about twelve hours, the WWE will embark on the three-hour RAW era. This was unlike the time WCW Monday Nitro went to three hours where we had a couple weeks to prepare for it. WWE has grinded it to our medulla oblongatas for two months. It has a very PPV feel to it, which kinda makes me wonder why this RAW isn’t being done with limited or no commercial interruptions. (Upon further review, the last commercial-free RAW was a bit awful, though the Khali Geico commercial was a bit funny.)


Anyway, here are ten predictions I have for the biggest…Monday Night RAW…ever.


  1. There will be more than two members of D-Generation X at the reunion. How does WWE plan on hooking you at 8pm? Trot out a group that hasn’t done anything relevant in six years (the DX reunion in 2006 was AWESOME—and yes I’m fully aware…

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