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Preston City Wrestling is one of the UK’s fastest growing live wrestling promotions.  Held at the Lava Ignite club in Preston, Lancashire it offers an affordable, indy wrestling event. Making excellent use of the best of British wrestling talent, as well as boasting some former WWE/TNA stars and other wrestling talent from around the world.  The shows combine wrestling with entertainment and I’ve been told the regular stars of the show are as entertaining as they are talented wrestlers.  We often forget that there is such great talent right on our doorstep. After one short year in business the list of talent is already impressive.  Former WWE Superstar John Morrison is due to appear later in the year (which I will not be missing) and PCW can already boast the likes of Colt Cabana, TNA’s LionHeart and Mark Haskins, not to mention Nigel McGuiness, CJ Banks, T Bone, Davey…

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