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July 7th is just a day away as MMA fans across the globe are anticipating one of the most hyped matchups of all time.  I could write countless words on the Silva/Sonnen saga, but I feel like other outlets may be best suited for that. For those of you looking to get a deeper insight into the enigma that is Anderson Silva, be sure to check out the documentary Like Water. The film provides a great back story to Silva/Sonnen I, as the film follows Anderson from the Abu Dhabi debacle all the way up to his stunning victory in his first matchup with the so-called “Gangster from West Linn”.  If you told me you anticipated Chael to dominate that first match like he did, there is no chance I would believe you. Many pundits expected another dominant performance from “The Spider” as he squashed another seemingly unworthy contender…

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