Matt Hardy Talks About Working for Vince, Tag Team Wrestling and More

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Former WWE Superstar and TNA Wrestler Matt Hardy recently talked with Here are a few highlights …

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CM Punk Talks About His Upcoming DVD Set, Morrison Appearing On Nerdist Show

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M-1 Fedor Emelianenko vs Pedro Rizzo 6-28-12

Bellator MMA Onslaught: Sweet Submissions

UFC 148: Tito Ortiz Pre-Fight Interview

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Marion Fontaine VS. Facade [ #JLIT Teaser ]

CLASH Wrestling: Live Event Promos (June 2012) Age Of Allegiance Interviews

One Weekend. Two Events…

Moai Martial Arts

One Weekend. Two Events. Three weeks until Silva/Sonnen II…

There are two UFC events this weekend, UFC on FX 4 on Friday night and UFC 147 on Saturday night. I won’t lie to you and say that I am all that excited for either of these cards. Though, the FX card does show promise with two absolute barn burners booked in Spencer Fisher v. Sam Stout III and the Maynard v. Guida Main Event. But as we turn to the unfortunate circumstance that is UFC 147, a collective groan is let out by the MMA fanbase. After moving Silva/Sonnen II to Vegas and Vitor Belfort’s injury, we are left with  Wanderlei Silva/Rich Franklin II as the evening’s last fight. Don’t get me wrong, I love watching both guys fight, but there is little chance I shell out $60 to watch when they are the Main Event. Fabricio Werdum v. Mike…

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (Flowmotion Trailer)

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Adult Swim’s “Black Dynamite” Trailer

Punk vs. Bryan – What Would Have Been?


Does it upset anyone that CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan has virtually been wasted by WWE creative? If you really think back to what these two guys mean to wrestling fans, then you may get a better understanding of where I am going with this.

It has nothing to do with the work ethic of these wrestlers and nothing to do with how they have performed against each other in the ring. But it has everything to do with how the WWE has pissed away a golden opportunity to to showcase a classic and make a move that is long over due.

Ring of Honor loyalist creamed in their pants when the worlds of Punk and Bryan collided prior to Wrestlenmania when both men worn the top prize for their respective brands. What was the point of having a series of champion vs. champion matches if it did nothing to lead into Wrestlemania? I have no clue. But now that Bryan is strapless, I can see where it makes sense to revisit the rivalry. Only this time, it’s part of a horrendous love triangle.. or four way now that Kane is in the mix. What this feud should be about… is wrestling. It should be a clinic to prove who the real “best in the world” really is. It should be the ultimate fantasy dream match for those who followed their careers through the independent rankings and through the growth and success of Ring of Honor. This should be the ultimate match to unify the WWE titles and declare one undisputed champion.

Seeing how both men have gained popularity, a loyal following, the ability to draw money and headline an event – why is it being wasted now? Why not position it for a bigger stage? Perhaps, Wrestlemania?

Is there where WWE politics comes into play again? Is this yet another prime example of the young talent playing second fiddle to egomaniacs? Are the young and hungry talent in their prime who are actualy wearing the gold around their waste lost in the dark shadow of building up Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar, and the enormous egos of John Cena and John Laurinaitis?

Again, let me be clear – this has nothing to do with the quality of matches we’ve been seeing. But it’s a match on a stage and scale that REAL wrestling fans have longed for. So why blow it for nothing?

Do you think these matches are being wasted away? Or in this day and age, does it not matter anymore when and where and how many times these matches take place?

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Does Anyone Remember The Hot and Sexy Dawn Marie?

Dawn Marie - 50

How come former WWE Diva Dawn Marie never gets any mentions or throwback opportunities? Maybe it’s because of her lawsuit against the WWE for firing her while she was preggo? That would make sense. Then again, what the hell can you do with a pregnant diva? That’s a nasty fetish to get off on.

What people don’t remember is that she was one of the last real valets in the business. She had a pretty good mentality and ring psychology, and she played her role as the fifth ring post. No more, no less. But she was also smoking hot. She brought that real Italian guido girl style long before the Jersey Shore dominated reality TV. She wasn’t stylish and fantasy. She was down and dirty. you knew sex with her was gonna be nasty (the good nasty). Yeah, she had the looks, but you knew deep down inside you were gonna do things to her that you wouldn’t do to your wife knowing that she kisses your kids with that same mouth. Dawn Marie’s lesbian angle with Torrie Wilson was material that WWE staff writers deserve an Emmy award, because they took two of the hottest nymphos in pro wrestling and gave us our wild and wet fantasies. Fuck, I miss those non-PG rated days of the WWE. What I wouldn’t give to be on the writing team back then. Imagine sitting there and saying, “On this week’s episode Dawn and Torrie are going to tongue kiss in the shower”. The it happens, and you say to yourself, I can’t fucking believe I made them do that. Next week I’m booking a gang bang on TV”!…Maybe that one wouldn’t pass censors, but it she as shit was worth a shot.

Dawn Marie has been off the radar doing humanitarian work with Wrestler’s Rescue, but she’s missed in world of the wild and the wacky. Yeah, age has caught up with her and she’s happier spending time as a full time mom rather than being on the road doing magic tricks making your pants rise. But even Sunny and her best friend Sable came back for an encore performance. So is it asking to much to get a last ride out of Dawn Marie?


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USWA 6/23/12

NEW! Bonus Breakdowns & Gracie Sparring Videos

UFC 148 Medial Call – Full Version

Writing, Fighting and Other Stuff

      Watching Josh Barnett’s dismal performance against Daniel Cormier in their MMA fight this weekend, I was reminded of Cain Velasquez’s losing effort against Junior Dos Santos in their own UFC title bout last year.
      Now Barnett at least managed to survive the five rounds in his Strikeforce Grand Prix tournament final (where Velasquez got KO’d by punches in one round) but he also managed to make Cormier, better known as an Olympic wrestler who came in with only nine MMA fights under his belt, look like a master boxer. The thing that I found similar about both fights was that there was a game plan both men should have followed which would’ve given them their best opportunity for victory… and both men completely failed to follow that plan. Instead, each fighter ended up standing within punching range of their opponent and, not surprisingly, they got punched.

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