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In Memoriam: Mary Doyle Keefe.

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The model for Norman Rockwell’s 1943 Rosie the Riveter cover painting for the century-spanning publication The Saturday Evening has passed away.  Mary Doyle Keefe was 92.


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Emergency Episode: Farewell, AJ Lee

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So, I was supposed to write about the Total Divas this week but I just couldn’t look at other WWE Divas right now as I am in mourning. The career of one of my favorite wrestlers of all time met its untimely end last week. Sadly, AJ Lee has retired from in-ring competition.

Farewell, champ! Farewell, champ!

I honestly was kind of depressed when I first heard the news from my brother when the WWE announced that AJ Lee was retiring. In fact, I didn’t believe it! I thought it was just some horrible April Fool’s joke that they forgot to take down. After all, it was just a couple of weeks after her Wrestlemania win! How could she retire all of a sudden? But, now that the week has come and gone, it appears it’s official: AJ Lee is actually gone from the world of wrestling.

It’s kind of poetic…

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The Squared Octagon: A Brief History Of WWE And Mixed Martial Arts

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Brock Lesnar retires UFC

It’s very easy to get caught up in Rouseymania, as we here at With Spandex have been displaying as of late. But looking beyond just one person or one event, there’s quite a lineage of pro wrestling and mixed martial arts colliding. Even before organizations like UFC hit their glory days and shootfighting was still something of an unknown variable, it wasn’t terribly uncommon for athletes to jump back and forth from pro wrestling and MMA. With that in mind, here are some of the WWE stars who have taken up unarmed combat at some point, with varying degrees of success:

Brock Lesnar Hardee's Commercial

Brock Lesnar

Let’s start with the obvious one. After Lesnar’s initial departure from WWE, he would eventually turn his attention to MMA. Following a tune-up fight with Dynamite!! USA, he became a UFC heavyweight stalwart, eventually winning the title from Randy Couture at UFC 91. After a few successful defenses of the Heavyweight Championship, he…

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CMS Punk – Why Always Me?

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Still Mario…


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Batman vs. Superman (2016)

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Christopher Reeve and Adam West in Batman vs. Superman.

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This man is a genius!  Taking the Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice trailer and inserting the iconic images of Christopher Reeve as Superman and Adam West as Batman.  Brilliant.

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Global Force Wrestling Announces Ballpark Tour Starting in June

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Today, Jeff Jarrett made yet another announcement regarding Global Force Wrestling and the build to their television tapings in July.  GFW will be working a ballpark tour where they will run shows in various minor league ballparks starting on June 12 and leading up to their taping on July 24.  The press release is as follows:

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